Spring Clean Your Car

Five Unusual Tools to Help Spring Clean Your Car

Having a clean, clutter-free home is such an important part of happy living. The same is true for your vehicle, so do yourself a favor this year and use one of these unexpected items to help spring clean your car.



One of the trickiest parts about detailing a car is reaching the tiny crevices. Solve this problem by taking a screwdriver and wrapping a rag around it. Now you have a tool that lets you scrub and scrape dirt off of hard-to-reach areas.


Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets do wonders to a bug-covered grill. Wipe the front of your car clean with dryer wipes and leave it smelling as fresh as it looks.


Reusable Cupcake Liners

Once you’ve wiped down your cup holders, you can place reusable, rubber cupcake liners in them. These will let you use them as a catchall while keeping them cleaner in the future.


A Squeegee

You might think this is for the windshield, but you’d be wrong. You can actually use a squeegee to help remove pet hair or general debris from the upholstery. Spray seats down with water first to loosen it, and then squeegee the hairs away.


Rubbing Alcohol

Do your windshield wipers leave behind ugly, distracting streaks in the rain? Wipe them down with some rubbing alcohol and your windshield will be left clear and streak free the next time it rains.


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