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Why Service at a Dealership like Trent GM

Your vehicle requires routine maintenance to retain its value and run smoothly, efficiently, and safely for years to come. Because the maintenance is highly technical, we advise you to leave it to the professionals—preferably a dealership team. Corner garage mechanics can also perform routine maintenance, but they don’t quite stack up compared to a dealership service bay like the one at Trent GM. Here’s why you should service your vehicle at a dealership:

Certified Technicians

Dealership service technicians like the ones at Trent GM have received all the same training and certifications as non OEM-specific mechanics. However, they have earned additional certification for specific brands. That means our technicians have additional training to work on Buick, GMC, and Cadillac models, allowing for better and more accurate service and giving them more insights to be able to pinpoint potential future problems during routine inspections—and prevent these problems from growing into costly, dangerous issues.

Genuine Parts

General Motors uses very specific parts for its Cadillac, Buick, and GMC models. If you get your vehicle serviced at a mechanic that is not affiliated with GM, they will likely use generic parts that are not a perfect fit to your vehicle, jeopardizing performance, efficiency, and reliability. At dealerships like Trent GM, we use the same genuine parts that your vehicle originally came with.

Warranties and Recalls

Only dealership service centers can honor vehicle warranties; corner garages will charge you for any repairs, even if they are covered under your warranty. Along those lines, dealership technicians can alert you if your vehicle is under recall—and fix your vehicle for free. Other mechanics may not be able to address recall issues.

Customer Service

Because dealerships represent global brands like GM, they have firmer guidelines on how to provide quality customer service. That means at Trent GM, our staff will be welcoming and transparent, and our waiting area is designed for your comfort, entertainment, and satisfaction.

The next time your vehicle is in need of service, bring it to Trent GM to get the job done right.

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