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Wind Farm in Illinois Will Help Power Midwestern GM Plants

As automakers pivot to making more environmentally-conscious vehicles, GM is taking its commitment a step further by using wind energy to power several of its plants. The initiative is part of GM’s larger plan to be fossil fuel-free by 2050, leading the industry in its use of renewable energy. The latest wind farm to join GM’s ranks is the new 185-megawatt wind farm in Illinois called HillTopper. Located in Logan County, this forward-thinking farm will help power GM plants in Indiana and Ohio.

About HillTopper

HillTopper wind farm is owned and operated by Enel, an Italian company carrying out the Enel Green Power North America initiative. Various companies – including GM – have invested in the HillTopper wind farm, which is capable of producing an annual 570 gigawatt hours of energy. To power GM plants in Indiana and Ohio, the automaker will utilize a 100-megawatt section of the wind farm.

Previous GM Partnerships

This partnership is the third of its kind for GM. Last May, GM partnered with Northwest Ohio Wind Farm to power three of its locations: Lordstown Assembly, Fort Wayne Assembly, and Toledo Transmission. More recently, GM announced a partnership with Cactus Flats Wind Farm in Texas, which will supply the automaker’s Arlington plant. With such moves, you can trust GM’s commitment to the future of renewable energy.

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