Buick Introduces New Avenir Sub-Brand

It’s been over a year now since Buick unveiled their daring new Avenir concept at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show—a visually stunning concept car that left critics reeling over whether or not Buick would be brave enough to take the plunge and move in a more striking direction. Well, Buick isn’t keeping the Avenir concept car around for production, but it’s using the vehicle as the founding inspiration behind the new Avenir sub-brand.

The term Avenir is French for “future,” and Buick aims to imbue the lineup of this new sub-brand with a more futuristic flair when it debuts on the market for the 2018. One of the known nameplates that will appear in under the Avenir brand name is the Avista, a slick turbo-charged coupe that made waves when it showed up among Buick’s Detroit Auto Show offerings in 2016. We hear that many of the Avista’s design stylings, including its front grille, will serve as universal visual cues for other members of the lineup.

The new Avenir sub-brand will reportedly also feature several Buick nameplates that already exist, but with upgraded features and featuring distinctive styling changes to make them fit more cohesively into the sub-brand’s lineup. Either way, it will offer buyers even more luxury from the Buick brand in a way we’ve never seen before.

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