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Trunk-or-Treat: Which Cars are Best?

Excited for Halloween? Consider trunk-or-treating, a recent tradition that’s spread across the country. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the tradition, it’s much like trick-or-treat; however, you decorate the trunk of your car and distribute candy from there. Ideal for neighborhoods that are spread out or simply for adults who love the holiday, trunk-or-treat is a fun way to celebrate Halloween.

So, which cars are best for trunk-or-treat? According to PTO Today, you probably want a roomy vehicle with a large trunk to help you set up a spooky design and potentially win contests. That means the GMC Acadia, with cargo capacity of 79 cubic ft, or the GMC Yukon, with a cavernous 94.7 cubic ft of cargo capacity, are ideal for trunk-or-treat. Among the Buick models, the Encore has a spacious, yet comfortable cargo area that’s perfect for setup.

Aside from getting the right car, you’ll want to keep a close eye on scheduling to make sure everyone is on track and that there is no inclement weather. Many people like to have contests and other activities, like bowling and ring toss, to win extra candy. Cleanup is especially important, so be sure to provide trash cans and recycling so you have less work to do when the event is over.

To find the perfect trunk-or-treat vehicle this Halloween season, stop by Trent Buick GMC.

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