Fuel Efficiency Tips to Save You Money at the Gas Pump

Fuel Efficiency Tips to Save You Money at the Gas Pump

Gas prices always seem like they’re on the rise, just one reason you should consider following these fuel efficiency tips. There are several ways to save money at the gas pumps, from changes to your driving habits, proper maintenance, or shopping for the most efficient vehicles around. Plus, with better fuel economy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and feel better while you save money.

According to Popular Mechanics, it’s especially important to track your gas mileage in real time. While most cars come with EPA-estimated ratings, there are many factors that can lower that rating. You can track efficiency by writing down your mileage and the amount of fuel you get at the pump every time. Once you fill up a few times, you can track how many miles you travel on a single gallon.

Next, brake as little as possible. That doesn’t mean blow through stop signs—instead, try coasting and lowering your speed overall. When you brake, you lose energy, so when you hit the brake pedal, you’re wasting gas to accelerate again. If it helps, try to imagine you’re riding a bike; then you’ll tend to coast more.

Additionally, regular maintenance is important. Oil changes keep everything working properly, and you should be sure to keep your tires properly inflated to reduce drag.

Finally, if you’re in the market, look for cars with good gas mileage. For instance, the Buick Regal Sportback has 32 highway mpg, and the Encore has 33 highway mpg*. You can ride in luxury while still getting a great fuel economy.

For more tips on how to save fuel, come speak with our staff at Trent Buick GMC.

*EPA-estimated fuel economy. Actual mileage may vary.

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