Tips for Training Teen Drivers

Although not having to be your teenager’s personal chauffeur is a positive change, letting your teen get behind the wheel of a car can be daunting. Luckily, there are numerous resources available to parents to help them teach their teens how to drive and be safe, responsible drivers. Here are some tried and true tips for training teen drivers.

  • Prepare routes, explain targeted skills beforehand, and stay calm:

    Before getting in the vehicle, you will want to plan the route out and share it with your teen, which will help them stay oriented and comfortable on the road. Quiet side streets and empty parking lots are a good place to begin when first starting out. You will also want to explain what exact skills you’d like your teen to focus on, rather than having them focus on everything at once. Some common beginner lessons are maintaining a safe speed and following distance, or practicing signaling and properly turning. Defined routes and skills will help you and your teen stay calm.

  • Give instructions in advance, and feedback when it is safe:

    It is always important to give driving instructions to your new teen driver as far in advance as possible, such as where they’ll be turning next. If you need to give feedback, have your teen pull over and/or park to talk about it.

  • Use GM’s Teen Driver Technology to assist you:

    GM vehicles offer a convenient Teen Driver Technology to help coach your teen on how to drive safely. You can set a speed alert and limit, seat belt audio mute features, and volume limit to help maximize your teen’s safety on the road. This smart technology also offers the industry’s first and only in-vehicle report card, which gives a report on your teen’s driving performance.

For even more teen driving tips, feel free to speak with our staff here at Trent Buick GMC.

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