Buick Introduces New Excelle Model

The Excelle Model from Buick will be exciting to follow!

After a long and successful initial run for the Buick Excelle model in China (2.7 million total sales since 2003), Buick is building a brand new version of the popular family sedan model exclusively for the Chinese market that will be released later this year.

At a wheelbase of 102.8 inches, the Excelle will be a smidge smaller than its American counterpart, the Verano (105.7 inch wheelbase), which completed its stateside availability in 2017 but is still on the market in China and will be sold alongside the Excelle.

China continues to be a hot market for Buick, who sold 1.18 million total units there in 2017. With the re-introduction of the Excelle—which will receive an exterior redesign to match Buick’s new modern aesthetic—Buick seeks to further appeal to a Chinese market that is excited about sedans and passenger vehicles, as opposed to an American market that leans toward SUVs, wagons, and crossovers.

While few details have emerged about the 2018 Excelle and it is unlikely to be available in the United States, its re-emergence—and its availability alongside the like-sized Buick Verano—is a sign of Buick’s success abroad in both the luxury and mainstream segments.

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