How to Change Your Vehicle’s Cabin Air Filter

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Your vehicle will always need regular care and maintenance, and taking these steps into your own hands can be empowering and fun. There are several DIY car maintenance things you can do even if you’re inexperienced. Try this step-by-step process to change your vehicle’s cabin air filter in preparation for the fall.

Remove the Glove Box

Your vehicle’s cabin air filter is generally located behind the glove box, so you’ll need to remove all items from within. Next, you’ll see what’s called a limiting stop arm on the right side, which you can slide out of the pin. By squeezing the front and back sides of the glove box together, you can pull it free and drop the glove box down.

Remove the Old Filter

Now you should be able to see the faceplate in front of the cabin air filter. Remove this by lifting the latches, then simply pull out the old cabin air filter.


Clean the Filter Chamber

Before installing the new filter, make sure the area is clean by vacuuming out any old dust and dirt.


Insert New Filter

Double check that the new air filter matches the old one, then insert into the chamber, making sure the arrows are pointing in the right direction. Replace the faceplate then put the glove box back in place. Now you’ve finished this simple, yet effective DIY car maintenance project!

For larger, more complicated maintenance job, feel free to bring your vehicle into Trent Buick GMC.

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