Road Trip Packing Essentials For a Stress-Free Drive

Road Trip Packing Essentials For a Stress-Free Drive

When it comes to road trip packing, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind, and even more gear that you need to pack. Before heading out to your next camping destination, be sure you have these tools and objects:

Cooler and Travel Mugs

Need to feed your family without stopping for lunch? Make sure to pack a cooler with easy snacks like sandwiches and finger foods. If you need your morning coffee, you should bring along a travel mug, too.

Car Seat Organizers

These nifty inventions drape over the backs of car seats so that passengers in the second row have a storage place for their coloring books, crayons, mobile devices, books, and whatever else they need to have accessible to them on the go.

Emergency Kits

Jumper cables, pliers, flashlights, gloves – whatever you need to keep your car running, make sure you have it on you. You may also want to keep things like blankets, changes of clothes, and First-Aid Kits around.

Tide To-Go Pens and Air Fresheners

When your family is on the move, spills and stains are inevitable, so keep an air freshener around, as well as a bleach pen to get stains out of clothing when you can’t wash them.

Get the Right Car

Road trip packing gets easier when you have a vehicle that makes it simple to load and secure all your cargo. Buick and GMC both have a variety of different SUVs and crossovers with enough cargo space to accommodate everything you need to bring along.

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