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How to Prepare Your Garden for Summer

As the days continue to get warmer and longer, many of us are spending more time outside. If you want to have a beautiful, flourishing yard this year, it is time to prepare your garden for summer, whether you just want colorful flowers, or are planning a vegetable garden, as well.

  • Make a plan.

If this is your first year gardening in your yard, you need to plan out which plants you want and where you will put them. Grab some paper, a pencil, and a ruler. Make sure you provide ample space for each plant in your plan.

  • Prepare the ground.

Before you put any plants or seeds in the ground, you need to prepare the earth. Your soil should be dark brown or black. If it is only light brown, you will need to enrich it first with some compost. Turn over the earth to loosen up the soil and make room for the plants.

  • Know your plants.

Read any information provided on the seed packets or other packaging to make sure that you are planting in the right location. Some plants need more sun and space than others. Make sure the plants you have chosen are a good fit for North Carolina weather.

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