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Road Trip Games For Thanksgiving Car Rides

Do you need some road trip games to keep the car ride to your relatives’ interesting this Thanksgiving season? Here’s a few ideas.

I Spy

I Spy is a classic! In case you don’t know how to play, each person says “I spy something…” and then gives a descriptive word about the object they’re looking at. Then, everyone else has to guess what it is.

The Letter Game

In this game, everyone in the car agrees on a category and a letter. Then, you all have to name something in that category starting with the same letter.

Two Truths and a Lie

For Two Truths and a Lie, each person takes turns telling three things about themselves. However, one of those three things has to be made up! Then, the other people in the car have to guess which was a lie.

State License Plates

Try to find a vehicle with a license plate for each state in the U.S.! See if you can find any really tough ones, like Alaska or Hawaii.

Naming Countries

This one can be a bit tough. Each person has to name a country, but the hard part is that you have to pick a country that starts with the letter that the previous country ended with. So, for example, if someone says “Denmark,” you might say “Korea” or “Kenya.”

Make your journey to your holiday destination a little more enjoyable with these games or a new vehicle from Trent Buick GMC.

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