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DIY Car Hacks That Actually Work And Save Money


If you need to work on your car, but don’t have time to take it to a shop right away, then these do-it-yourself car hacks will be a welcome surprise for you.

Clean Headlights with Toothpaste

Headlights are a critical part of maintaining driving visibility. If your headlights covers have gotten cloudy, then try lathering and rinsing the inside of them with toothpaste for a like-new shine.

Cover Up Scratches With Nail Polish

Do you have some scratches on your car and don’t have the cash to get a full detailing? Find the closest nail polish color and clean up those scratches with a few quick layers.

Fix Dents With a Plunger

Exactly what it says – if your car is dented on the side, sometimes all you have to do is grab a trusty plunger, stick it to the dent, and pull.

Use Your Brain as a Wireless Conductor

This is a weird one, but it really does work, as unbelievable as it sounds. If your key fob doesn’t work well unless you’re standing really close to your car, you can actually extend your key fob’s range by holding it close under your chin. Tech experts say this works because the fluids in your brain act as a conductor for the wireless signal.

Remove Old Stickers With Wet Newspaper

All it takes is a newspaper soaked in warm water and applied to a sticker for ten minutes. The sticker should peel right off.

If you need any help that DIY car hacks can’t do, we at Trent Buick GMC can give you a helping hand.

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