Donation Drive for Hurricane Irma Victims a Success

Donation Drive for Hurricane Irma Victims a Success

Hurricane Irma was the Category 5 storm that tore through Florida not so long ago. The most powerful Atlantic Hurricane since Katrina, Irma left nothing but devastation behind. We here at Trent Buick GMC stepped up to the plate to help Hurricane Irma victims recover and restore some of what they had lost.

Supporting Hurricane Irma victims is another way that we here in North Carolina can help our neighbors to the south. The donation drive was held on September 16th at the Trent Buick GMC dealership in New Bern. The goal was to collect a trailer full of supplies to drive down to affected areas the following weekend.

General Manager Jeff Mooring grew up in the area and has seen his fair share of hurricanes over the years.

“I remember Floyd, I think in ’96, how bad it was for us and our family and some of the property damage that we had. We’re just trying to do our little part in trying to help others that have been effected by the hurricane,” Mooring said in an interview with WCTI NewsChannel 12.

Overall, the donation drive for Hurricane Irma victims was a rousing success. Local donators brought in enough clothes, water, non-perishable food, and various other items to load multiple trucks and trailers, heading down south to help those still in need.

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